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Solano Beach Triathlon 2011

Posted by Shiloh:



Joseph had another fantastic triathlon last weekend!  He completed a 1/4 mile ocean swim, a 9 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run – all with amazing speed and a smile on his face :)  Sierra and I were there to cheer him on – and so was Heather.  Mark also completed the triathlon – his first race!

Joe’s amazing times.  I feel exhausted just looking at these numbers :)

Swim: 12:09

Bike 31:20

Run: 19:20

Overall: 1:02:49


Joe’s brand new bike frame!  Ready for the race!

The starting line!  People are warming up before the race:

The triathletes before the race:

One of Joe’s biggest fans :) :

And they’re in the water!

Look closely.  The guy starting to pull off his long wetsuit top in the middle is Joseph!


Joseph running into the transition area after the swim:

Changing for the bike segment – and looking so hot 😉

Back from his bike ride!  Almost first in his rack!

Off for his fast run!

Finished!  And killed it!

Mark was with a Clydesdale division (over 200lbs).  Here he is starting his bike segment:


And Mark finishing up with his run:


Congrats on another fantastic race!