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Pepper harvest celebration

Some of the peppers we grew this year

This story starts last weekend when Shiloh and I decided we would again fish the point loma kelp outside of sunset cliffs this Saturday (yesterday). Both of us have been looking forward for the long workweek to end so we could enjoy a day on the water. Mostly excited because I sold my Tarpon 160 last week, and that same day jumped on a deal for a Trident 13. Saturday would be the perfect day to take it out with us on its first voyage.

new trident

His and her kayaks :)

Overall the fishing was great. Really fishing is always great. We launched from mission bay at sunrise. While paddling out to the fishing ground my Rapala got hammered for my 1st fish on this yak, a Thresher shark tail hooked. We were able to unhook and release the fish without it hitting me with his tail and hooking me with my own lure.

We fished until the afternoon using a dropper loop with squid, I threw the iron to no takers and Shiloh fished a lead head hooked with squid. I caught plenty of small sandbass and rockfish all released and Shiloh took care of this weekend’s dinner.

This morning I woke, had breakfast, shiloh and I went to the farmers market then I was trying to figure out what I was going to do the rest of the day. Shiloh wanted to go for a hike, I wasn’t really feeling it, maybe a little hungover from the night before watching the incrdible Pacquiao vs Margarito fight. Shiloh went for a hike and I was laying looking at fish reports, surfing the web, wasting my day away.  This is when I snapped out of it and thought about the wonderful day I had on the water yesterday and how we still had fresh fish to prepare for tonight’s dinner. Furthermore I thought about how fortunate Shiloh and I were to have a decent harvest on Beckerly Farms this year. More peppers than we know what to do with,… fresh fish to eat caught by Shiloh….. sunny day out…..it is on! Pepper harvest celebration. This is what life is about, living off the land and enjoying beautiful sunny days on the water, or in our yard picking peppers, we have to celebrate, today a pepper harvest celebration from the fruits of our small yard along with fresh fish from the ocean we fish.

The menu:

Fresh ceviche with serrano, Fresh habanero salsa, homemade tortilla chips and freshly made hot red pepper sauce, green pepper hot sauce, and mango habanero hot sauce.

Peruvian purple chile and Thai dragon chili peppered fish tacos

Mexican rice with poblano peppers, smoked pepper black beans

Complemented with King Fish Chardonnay

J enjoying the fruits of our labor