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Superseal Olympic Triathlon 3-27-11

On Sunday,  I completed in my second Olympic distance triathlon (swim=1500 meters, bike=40km, run=10km). I finished strong during the run and felt my swimming has improved, the bike portion was fun although I need to work on my speed.   It was in Coronado – which made for a beautiful race.  And despite threats of rain, it was perfect weather during the event!

My finishing times were 0:29:44 swim, 0:03:16 transition from swim to bike, 1:19:37 bike, 0:01:13 transition form bike to run, 0:41:03 run total: 2:34:53

My bike all ready for the race

Arriving at the transition area where I would set up my gear for the race.

Waiting for the race to begin at the swim starting line.  At first it was freezing!  But the sun quickly came out to everyone’s relief! The sun rising over the San Diego bay.

Only minutes away from the start!

And we’re off!

No pictures of the biking, Shiloh is pregnant so she couldn’t race back and forth with the camera :). She did a great job capturing the event though! While I was biking she was enjoying the beach.

The run.