Monthly Archive for February, 2015

San Diego Safari Park

The kids and I had a great day at the San Diego Safari Park. We arrived before it opened, parked in the very front and were the first in. Stayed 5 hours and when we left the place was packed. It was nice having it to our selves for a bit. Also either since it was cooler or earlier it seemed like all the animals were out and active.

The Tram ride is included with our Membership and is a 30 minute motorized train ride on the exterior of the park. This was certainly one of the highlights of the day since we got to see so many animals.

Who is the guy poaching our picture :)

I promised she could get her face painted today since I wouldn’t let her at the zoo yesterday.

The tiger exhibit was amazing, we saw many up very close. They were staring at the kids who were crawling on the ground and roaring at them. Also one of the highlights I did not photograph was when two lions squared off and were roaring so loud zoo employees were running over to make sure everything was okay. Guess it is mating season.