Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Malibu Creek Challenge Run

Today I did the last race in the 2013 SoCal Trail Series. It was a brute! A lot of climbing. I came in second place in my division finishing 1:54:44.3 as well as cinching 2013 SoCal Series Champion age 35-39.  Age group you are racing in is based on your age on 12/31/13. There are 7 races in the SoCal Series and points are awarded to the top 15 finishers in each age group. The higher you finish the more points you get for that race 100 points max.  I did 5 races and placed in the top 3 in each one and accumulated the most points 413. I won the series by 13 points.

We had a fun time. We drove up yesterday afternoon and camped at Malibu creek campground.


Sierra eating Strawberries at the camp table

Fuel of champions!

They had some games for the kids today as well so Sierra got her playdough on while we waited for the awards.

2nd place medal