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Seattle to Portland Bike Ride

Shiloh and I had a great adventure together this last weekend taking a road trip to participate in the largest multi-day ride in the Northwest from Seattle to Portland in 2 days. A 200-mile trek with up to 10,000 riders.

We had so much fun together during this ride and the training rides leading up to it. The training rides included multiple two day rides up the coast to the San Clemente area where we would either camp or stay in a hotel and many weekend rides together and individually inland through San Diego and along the coast. We could not have been more excited and ready for this event and it truly lived up to our expectations being an epic road trip and beautiful two day bike ride.

Although our pictures start in Seattle, we started our road trip from our home in San Diego Tuesday July 10th driving to Marin county where we would drop our daughter off at her grandparents and spend a day before continuing our trip to Portland. On our way to Portland we stopped at the upper Sacramento River for lunch at the small town of Dunsmuir a place I have fond memories of flyfishing as a kid. Once in Portland we stayed one night and left our truck at the Double Tree hotel, put our bikes in a moving truck and hopped in a bus with other Seattle to Portland riders and headed to University of Washington.

Us at the University of Washington unloading our bikes and gear for the weekend

Our home for the night before starting our 2 day bike journey back to Portland. Shiloh and I met after College so it was fun re-living our dorm years togeather.

Once settled into our dorm we headed downtown to check out Seattle. 1st stop the flagship REI to pick up our ride packets. This store was pretty amazing, they even have their own mountain bike trail unfortunately we only brought our road bikes.

We walked the entire city. I must say I thought the space needle would be taller, maybe the next one they build.

The Northwest is known for its beer and a road trip there would not be the same if we did not stop to take time to taste the local beverages……. micro brews.

Us enjoying a Seattle Red Hook IPA on the water front

Seattle is also know for its oysters and anyone who knows Shiloh and I know we LOVE oysters.

We found this great Micro Brew Big Time Brewery up by the University where we had dinner and some great home town Seattle Brews. They had a Barley Wine that is up with one of the best I’ve tasted.

Don’t over think this when you have been drinking tasty micro brews

After a great day in Seattle we were ready to hit the sack and wake up and ride 100 miles to the town of Centralia. Don’t forget the race numbers

Shiloh up early in the morning and ready to ride. Don’t worry, we put that big backpack in a truck at the start line and caught up to it at the 1/2 way point.

This ride was spectacular and a great way to get to know the contours  of the Northwest Seattle Portland area. Breathtaking views, lush forest, endless streams and rivers of water.

The first rest stop

This was a very well supported ride with plenty of food and drinks to keep the energy up for each 100 mile segment.

Shiloh climbing the hill at mile 40

This was one of our favorite parts of the ride 14+ miles on bike path which talking to the locals it sounds like this path not only goes north south but also you can take it west all they way to the Ocean. An amazing recreational trail to have in your backyard.

100 miles and 7 hours of great riding and great support stops we arrived at the 1/2 way point in Centralia fairly early in the day giving us prime tent location and no line at the showers. Here we would enjoy great food, beer and rest for the next day of our bike journey.

Beer swag provided by the sponsors Belgium Brewery best know for their beers Fat Tire, Ranger IPA, and Bike Shift Pale Ale.

Live music to entertain tent city

The second day we woke up, packed camp and had a great breakfast in the cafeteria at Centralia college.  This morning was a bit colder and more windy then the previous day so I had to take advantage of the jackets supplied for the race.

Joe Bike Cool!

Shiloh brought her own jacket and filled up water for the ride

At mile 150 on the second day we were escorted over the Lewis & Clark Bridge that crosses over the Columbia river from Washington into Portland. I had to take a picture, beats texting and riding

Well after 197.3 miles we came to the St. Johns Bridge which spans the Willamette River and would lead us 6 more miles to the finish line.

You need to be careful of the train tracks in Portland

After riding 203 miles we both felt great and very accomplished. We finished and loved every minute of this ride. The next stop was the finest hotel in Portland (holiday inn express) where we took a nice long hot tub and headed out to Deschutes Brewery Portland to celebrate over dinner and more local micro brews.

Deschutes Brewery Portland has their own in-house brewmaster and they offer 7 beers that are only available at their Portland Brewery along with their well known beers that are brewed in Bend Organ. We got a taster platter and both were very impressed with their Stouts, Porter and Red IPA. The food here also was 5 stars, very tasty.

It was time to start our road trip home after our final night in Portland. Lucky for us on the way from Portland to Marin there is a town in Organ called Ashland known for their local Shakespeare festival, mountain biking and a mecca for micro brews. Hearing about this city we had to stop for lunch…… Ashland we will be back!

Lunch WOW! Smoked ribs and deep fried brussel sprouts

While having lunch at Standing Stone Brewery we met and talked with the brewmaster who……. well knew a lot about micro brews and did a damn fine job brewing himself. He basically told us we would be fullish to leave Ashland without making one more stop at Caldera Brewing company located under the overpass in-town.¬† Got to be one of the coolest locations for a brewery I have seen.

If Caldera Brewing does not sell a specific beer you like by the bottle they will fill you up a Jar to take home. PRETTY AWESOME

After lunch we hit the road again to pick up our daughter who was happy as could be at her grandparents. We stayed one extra day there before heading home to San Diego. There is only one way to end a trip and that is a day out to Drakes Bay Oyster company an Oyster farm I grew up by and have loved for many many years.

Sierra loves them too :)

We look forward to doing Seattle to Portland bike ride again.