Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Quick Getaway to Picacho

Thursday night I was looking at the weather and was amazed that this weekend temperatures were expected to be in the 80’s, it is January after all. After a quick discussion with Shiloh we decided to pack up the camping stuff and head out to Picacho Recreation Area on the Colorado river. Ditching out of work at 12:30am Friday we were on the road.

2.5 hours of freeway travel time we hit the 24 miles of graded dirt road followed by an additional 8.5 miles of 4×4 jeep roads arriving to our personal beach paradise right before sunset.

Sierra loved the sand beach right away!

Even helped put the tent up :)

What a sunset!

Once the sun went down we started a fire and cooked up dinner


Mashed sweet potatoes

and beer can chicken!

After sitting around the fire off to bed.

As the sun raised over the Colorado Sierra was eager to get out of the tent and see the river

Our campsite during the day. We spent all day here hanging in the sun, kayaking and fishing before heading home to sunny San Diego for our Sunday bike ride.

Instead of having Shiloh ride in the truck on the 4×4 road back we decided she would kayak the river back since it has been 9 months since Shiloh has got to go on a good kayaking paddle. She had a blast! With the river current it did not take her long.

I stopped down stream a bit handed her a cold beer and waved at her as she went by :).