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She Rox Triathlon 2011

Shiloh Rocks She Rox Triathlon!!!

.5 mile swim, 12.4 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Swim: 14:22

Trans1: 1:45

Bike: 36:55

Trans2: 1:18

Run: 21:37

Time: 1:15:54

Division place 30-34yrs 7th, Overal 39th place out of about a thousand girls!!!!! Who rocks, Shiloh rox!!!

Shiloh at the race bright and early, check out those sky blue handle bars :)

Shiloh was in wave 6, she is the blurry girl in the pink tank

Getting ready for the swim

Shiloh had a small group of friends who did the race as well. They did a little warm up swim before the event started to get used to the water temperature.  67 degrees

The hat says it all about Shiloh, they made it just for her

In the water warming up.

The sun is up and they are off!

Shiloh coming in

The girls in green started 3.5  minutes before her in wave 5, wow look at all that green Shiloh caught up to!

After the swim she transition quickly and was off on her bike ride, double loop around fiesta island

The finisher!