Monthly Archive for May, 2011

33rd Birthday

Several months ago I was invited to go on a fishing trip to Mexico that just happened to be over my Birthday weekend. Since I typically like to take the day off and fish on my birthday a weekend of fishing sounded fun. We would cross the border on Friday May 20th in Mexacali. Since the group planned on meeting at 6am, Mark and my new friend Matt (contacted me from the group invite for a ride) decided to make a two day drive out of it so we left Thursday night and camped 30 minutes away from the border in Ocotillo Wells.

A picture of our Ocotillo Wells campspot

When camping in the California desert you have to watch out for the local wildlife

This little guy kept trying to be friends with Matt

After crossing the border in the morning we headed south past San Felipe to Gonzaga Bay where there are many small fish camps.

an image of Willard Island on our way in

Our caravan at camp

Mark, Matt and I opted out fishing Friday evening after the long drive and headed out well rested on Saturday morning

This was an amazing fishery, we caught a variety of fish, this one right here is a trigger fish

Mark with a small spotted bass, the larger fish were still warming up to bite

The keepers from the 1st day, some reason I didn’t take on the water pictures of the Sierra’s but here they are filleted. Matt also got a nice size croaker we had for dinner.

After fishing the Tundra power failed and we got stuck right at camp after driving down the beach. We had plenty people to help get us out. After some digging, pushing and pulling it was free.

Sunday was all about the corvina, an epic day of fishing with the whole group catching many large fish!

The birthday boy caught the largest fish of the day 23lbs and won theĀ  jackpot :)

Check out the teeth on the trigger fish

The marine cooler full of Matt, Mark and my fish

corvina, 1 sierra and 1 trigger, I’d say about 160lbs of fish roughly.

Some of the other fish

After a weekend of fishing with the guys, made it home just in time for a birthday dinner, cake and presents with my family

Sierra got me a book to read to her

And a shirt, to show she is ready to go fishing with her dad

Seems like Birthdays come and go, my 33rd will be a memorable one!