Monthly Archive for January, 2011

Carlsbad Marathon 2011

I ran the Carlsbad Marathon on Sunday. This is a beautiful race along the coast with rolling hills and spectacular ocean views. The start time was at 6am so we started in the dark and got to watch the sunrise while we ran. I did not complete this event in my best time which was a little disappointing but I had a great time.

Race Results: 3:06:05

Overall: 33 out of 1172
M 30-34: 7 out of 107

Split Times:

15 Km: 1:03:45 Pace: 6:51
22 Km: 1:31:55 Pace: 6:43
18.0 Mi: 2:01:27 Pace: 6:45
19.8 Mile: 2:14:22 Pace: 6:48

If I had kept my pace I would have finished 18th overall 2nd is my age group but my legs died out at mile 22. In my training I max out at 20 miles 4x, in the future I am going to do full 26 mile training runs since those last four miles always seem to kill me.