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San Diego Triathlon Classic 2010

Just completed my second triathlon!  This one was an Olympic length (1500 meter swim/40K hilly bike/10K run… or for us 1 mile swim/24.9 mile bike/6.2 mile run) – quite a bit longer than the previous sprint distance triathlon.  The swim section was through a protected boat canal area – then the bike ride took us up through the Navy Base to Cabrillo Point, and finally the run was along the San Diego bay water front.  The swim and run took place mostly in the red square on the map, and the bike route is outlined in blue.  It’s a familiar bike route – part of Shiloh’s bike commute.  It was a beautiful course, and a great ride.

I finished the mile swim in 29 minutes 4 seconds, the bike in 1 hours 21 minutes (18.3 mph), and the run in 40 minutes 42 seconds (6 min 33 sec pace).  I finished 34th in my age group in 2 hours 36 minutes and 6 seconds!!

We woke up at 4:30 and had my gear together in the transition area by 5:15.  While everyone prepared for the start – a great military brass band played lively big band jazz music.

Gear is in the rack and I’m almost ready to start!

A quick stretch.  Mom should be proud.

Ready for the swim!

Unlike other triathlons we have participated in – this one started in the water.  So participants swam over to the start line, between two large white buoys in order to start.  Also unlike other triathlons, they started in reserve order – meaning the oldest age group and women went first, and the youngest went last.  I was in wave 9 out of 10. So if there are any older women ahead of Joe – know they started about 40 minutes before him :)

wave 9 at the starting line.  Notice the life guards on stand up paddle boards – ready to help

After a great mile swim, me exiting the water.

In the transition area, preparing for the 24.9 mile bike ride

Now preparing for the final stretch – the run!

The finish!