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My 1st Triathlon

A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. My 1st triathlon was this Sunday June, 25, 2010 at Solana Beach. A 1/4 mile ocean swim, 9 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. I completed it in 1hr, 4 minutes, 11 seconds which was a pretty good time for my 1st. Since I have been doing marathons and have been bike commuting to work 30 miles round trip, it was the swimming I was most concerned about.  I have never been much of a swimmer and would start swim training twice a week in a pool for this event only a month prior. On Friday morning I  thought about changing from doing the triathlon to the Duathon just bike riding and running because I was not confident enough in my swimming and was unsure if I could complete it respectfully.

As I entered the water of the great pacific ocean there was no visibility, people were all around me, I felt claustrophobic, out of my element although comfortable in my new Xterra wetsuit,  I had to swim as fast as I could to end this leg of the race. As I continued to swim, pushing forward to finish, the feelings did not subside although I slowly became more confident in my ability and new I would be okay. As I hit land it was already a feeling of accomplishment, this was the farthest I have ever swam in the ocean, although a 1/4 of a mile is not considered a great distance it is still a distance I had not yet accomplished in open water, I did it 1st in this race and now I look forward to achieving greater distances.

I found out quickly with this swim, the same thing I find when I push myself to run 26 miles or wake up to go to work and complete my day, that the most vital thing to push me through lives obstacles is is to keep a positive mental attitude. To remain calm.  It is my attitude that makes the world what it is. My thoughts can make things ugly or miserable or it can make things beautiful. The bottom line is a positive attitude is as important as the physical strength it takes to accomplish something. Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. This is a lesson I have known but was reminded of during this leg of the race. What happened after I got out of the water was positive, happiness, this transitioned into making the 2nd and 3rd part of the race that much more enjoyable as well as me being able to finish amongst the top finishers in my age group and the goal of shaving off a few minutes to finish amongst the top overall in my next triathlon.

Me walking to the transition area – still dark out:

(All pictures taken by my wife Shiloh)

In the transition area, preparing for the race:

Trying on my new XTERRA Triathlon wetsuit –  gifted to me by the owner of XTERRA wetsuits:

Beautiful Solana Beach – the starting line:

Anticipating the start:

And we’re off!:

me at the far right not rushing to get into the water

my division entering the water:

Leaving the water!

Preparing to bike:

Transitioning again for the run!

The Finish:

Celebrating my first triathlon!  Excited to do many more!

The beer garden – 2 beers free for everyone