Monthly Archive for February, 2010

Valentines Day Catalina Island

My beautiful wife and I spent Valentines day weekend at Catalina island Two Harbors. This is our 3rd straight year out there at this time of the year and once again we stayed in the off season cabins although since it was like summer it would have been nice to camp on the water. Great trip either way, we could not have asked for better weather. We enjoyed Fishing, Kayaking, Dining out, BBQ and the amazing scenery of this paradise that is so close to home.

The sunrise over the Isthmus

A view of ship rock from my rented kayak. Notice the portable fish-finder I made :)

Some of the Big Grumpy Calico Bass we caught

Shiloh releasing her female fish

One of the many baits we used. These are called Warbaits made locally in San Diego

The dolphins were insane there was hundreds of them out there feeding all weekend. It was a trip, they swam with us, went under our kayaks, jumped along side of us, chilled while we fished. Never seen anything like it.

Us at our Valentines dinner. El Restaurant Jose’s By The Water

On the menu, fresh fish

We followed dinner with a fire on the Two Harbors beach, in a fire pit of course